Sexual Kung-Fu : The Ancient Art of Love Making

Sexual Kung-Fu is the ancient art of love making. It originated in Asia thousands of years ago. It is based on the Taoist concept of chi or spiritual energy used to prolong orgasms for men and women. It is a sexual practice that will enhance one's health and improve longevity.

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Three Tawainese Masters Pull 10 ton truck filled with one hundred people
with genitals.

50-Year-Old Grandmaster Drags Truck With Penis In Fremont, CA.

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Origins of Sexual Kung-Fu

The Oldest Sex Manual In the World

The oldest sex manuals in the world are the Chinese Handbooks of Sex
written 5,000 years ago by the legendary Yellow Emperor Huang-Ti (2697-2598 B.C.)

According to the famous Chinese classical book called the Historic Records,gt;
written by the Han Dynasty historian in 100 B.C.,
the Yellow Emperor had more than 1200 wives and mistresses. He had sexual intercourse
with more than ten ladies every night.

The Yellow Emperor is also said to have had
three female sex advisors, the Plain Girl (Su-nui), the Mystery Girl (Shuen-nui)
and the Harvest Girl (Tsai-nui), and one male sex doctor, Pong Tsu.

Their conversations regarding sex were compiled into a book entitled Su-Nui Ching,
named after Su-nui. This book became the Chinese sexual bible and medical guidebook for
many generations.

It is a taoist belief that every time a man ejaculates he loses 10 years from his life.

When a man ejaculates, he loses his "chi" or bioelectric energy. Unlike western belief which
believes that a man can reproduce an unlimited amount of semen, Taoists believe that
semen and other bodily fluids are vital and must be conserved. This is the reason why a man
can orgasm and ejaculate a moment at a time and has to wait for his chi to replenish to do it again.

A woman, on the other hand, never loses her chi when she orgasms. A woman can emit bodily fluids whe
she orgasms, but unlike the man, the fluids stay within the vagina. Hence, this is why women can hav
e multiple
orgasms at a time. Every time a woman orgasms, she can emit unlimited amounts of sexual chi which ca
n be
absorb by the man during intercourse.

Sexual Kung-Fu teaches a man to induce a woman to
have as many powerful orgasms as possible while delaying his own ejaculation. By doing this,
he can absorb the female's sexual energy while retaining his vitality by postponing ejaculation in a

harmonious exchange of sexual energy. A man can also experience multiple orgasms like the
woman but without the need to ejaculate. Taoist masters can maintain their erections for several
hours during intercourse with this method.

According to legend, the Yellow Emperor is said to lived to 150 years by practicing this
sexual process with his wives and mistresses.

Taoist Master Profile

Dr. Newman Lin is a proffessor of engineering and an expert in the art of taoist
sexual practices. He came from Taiwan and he founded the LIN institute, a research
institute for multiple orgasms in Boca Raton, Florida. His website
( contains the most
information regarding applied chinese sexology combined with western science.
His methodology has been proven to be effective in causing a woman to achieve
multiple orgasms.

The following information and photographs are courtesy of Dr. Lin and the LIN Institute.

The Three Vital Stimulation Points of a Woman

The three vital stimulation points in a woman's vagina that will cause her to
have a powerful orgasm are the clitoris, the G-spot, and the epicenter. The well-
knowned G-spot was discovered in 1944 by a German doctor. The discovery wasn't well
publicized until the 1980's after studies were done confirming the existence of this
erogenous zone. However, the Chinese have known of the existance of the G-spot
thousands of years earlier and is commonly referred to as the black pearl
in ancient Taoist texts. The lesser known epicenter, also known as the female prostate
is located between the bladder and the cervix at the end of the vagina, Taoists referred to epicente
as the center of the lotus flower.

In order to make women to reach a violent orgasm in a short time, it requires that those three
points be simultaneously stimulated with a lot of pressure against the urethra wall.
The female orgasm will be so violent like a mechanical (or structural)
system reaching a resonant state. In fact, when she reaches a state of resonant orgasm,
she will feel that a volcano erupts inside her sex organs, and her
sexual energy runs up to her head and radiates out, her vagina or uterus
ejaculate the love juice, and her uterus contracts periodical. After eruption,
she will feel the sexual pleasure and peace in her mind. It is the most beautiful moment for her.

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The Rigidity Factor

The two most important factors in causing a woman to achieve orgasm are
1) Penile hardness 2) Stimulation speed

Penile hardness is of prime importance when causing a woman to orgasm.
Penile size or shape is not as vital compared to rigidity. The reason for
this is because the nerves endings of the clitoris, G-spot, and epicenter
requires a very hard surface to be properly stimulated to achieve orgasm.
An ideal penis to produce enough friction and pressure to stimulate these points
is a penis that is extremely rigid with an upward 1 or 2 o'clock erection.

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Penile Conditioning

Dr. Lin's method of penile conditioning does not involve weights. He calls his
method the Penile Ballooning Method. In this method, herbs are taken to
increase the hormonal production of the body. Through sex or masturbation, the penis
is stimulated. When the penis is about to ejaculate, the base or footing of the penis is
massaged to prevent ejaculation. With each need to ejaculate being postponed, blood
will fill the penis expanding the spongy cylinders of the penis each time until
the penis ejaculates in one powerful process.

Ballooning your penis to an extreme will force the blood pressure inside
your penile cylinders to interfere with your sexual nerves in the penile shaft.
Your sexual nerves will pick up the blood pressure signal, instead of sexual stimulation.
Thus, the ballooning effect will numb your penis delaying ejaculation.

Below is a photo of Dr. Lin's penis "powered up" using the Penile Ballooning Methodt;

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Sexual Kung-Fu Fundamentals

Before we start describing the method of sexual chi-kung breathing to delay
ejaculation and maintain erection, we must observe the fundamentals of Sexual

Proper Posture

First stand with your feet apart the same width as your shoulders. Stand in a straight
posture. Relax your entire body. Relax and drop your shoulders. Relax your heart. Adjust your body
so that each joint feels connected and perfectly aligned. Adjust your waist so that your torso
is resting perfectly on your pelvis and they feel connected. Adjust your neck so that
your head feels aligned with the torso. From the bottom of your feet to the top of your
head, you should feel relaxed and connected as one unit.

Diaphragm Breathing

Diaphragm breathing refers to breathing with the belly or abdomen. First inhale and
feel the air going down your windpipe and into the belly. Feels as if the air is expanding
your belly on all sides as you breath in. Breath out and feel the belly deflate. Repeat
this process. This breathing method is done for better health and improves circulation of chi.
Often, we often breath with our lungs, not allowing the feeling of air to go down to our abdomen
which may cause poor circulation of chi which may lead to ailments.

Developing Sensitivity

Martial artists of various internal styles are taught the ability to sense an opponent's
next move once he makes contact with the opponent. It is believed that they can read the
opponent's mind. However, what they are actually able to do is be so sensitive that they can
predict what the opponent is about to do based on the opponent's muscle tension, posture,
and physical pressure.

In sex, no women is exactly the same. Each woman has different arousal times, different
sensitive areas, and different erogenous zones. The man must be relaxed and sensitive enough
to read a woman's body to know when she feels uncomfortable and when she feels pleasure or arousal.
Do not revert to mechanical patterns thinking that each woman is the same. Be able to feel
what the woman needs at that very moment. Do not think. Just feel. Do not predict or estimate
just feel and respond to what you feel naturally at the moment.

Knowing Your Own Body

In Bruce Lee's book, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, he describes that a gifted
athlete is not one who has stronger muscles, but a gifted athlete is one who is
gifted neurologically being able to know when and where to contract and relax
various muscles. A gifted athlete knows his own body. He can develop better
physical efficiency through muscle coordination (knowing which muscle to contract and
relax at what time) than someone who is physical stronger but is
uncoordinated and just uses brute strength. For instance, a more powerful punch
can be delivered by someone who knows which part of the arm muscle to relax and which muscle
to contract than someone who simply contracts every muscle in the arm.

Sexual Kung-Fu promotes physical relaxation but muscle contraction is needed to move
the body such as during thrusting and maintaining proper rhythm during the thrusts.
We promote muscle coordination exercises where one stands in the aligned relaxed position,
and one would contract various individual muscles of the body at a time while keeping
the rest of the body relaxed. The individual should contract one muscle and immediantly relax it.
He should find another and contract and relax it while making sure no other muscle is inadvertantly
contracted at the same time. This exercise will improve muscle control and coordination, but
always make sure that the body is in a relax state in the end. Perpetual tension can block off

Is A Three Hour Erection Possible?

Yes, it's possible. In fact, some of the more experienced Taoist masters can maintain
an erection as long as they want and ejaculate whenever they want. However, for beginners,
they should learn to gradually improve their erection time and delay their ejaculation further
and further. One can do this through sexual chi-kung.

Sexual Chi-Kung Steps

  1. Calm the mind with naturally breathing for several minutes, partially close the eyes, put
    the tongue against the palate, focus the mind on the forehead between the eyebrows.

  2. Inhale air through the nose stepwise, expand the abdomen, as termed pumping and holding, i
    n an interval of 2 - 5 seconds, for 8 to 20 times up to the maximum capacity of the lung, and move t
    he mind to down to the navel.

  3. Hold the breath, start to move the expanded abdomen downward by contracting the upper abdo
    men, as the pressure gradually builds up against the bladder and prostate gland, and move the mind t
    o the prostate gland area.

  4. Contract the anus and exhale air through the mouth slowly, while moving the mind slowly fr
    om the prostate gland area, along the spinal cord, up to the forehead.

  5. Repeat 2-4 several times.


  1. In Step 4, a man should experience a hot energy flow, called Chi, rising up from the prost
    ate gland area, along the spinal cord, to the head.

  2. During intercourse, Step 3 is the most important one; he should hold the breath as long as
    he can and apply pressure to the bladder and prostate gland area with the maximum contraction of th
    e upper abdomen and the maximum expansion of the lower abdomen. It will knock down the sensitivity o
    f the penis and eventually numb it to delay ejaculation.

  3. It requires practice for 2 - 10 weeks to notice its effects on the sexual performance.

The Mind Is the Strongest Sexual Organ

The mind is the strongest sexual organ. This statement is not a cliche'.
Even from a purely physiological standpoint, the chemicals in the mind are responsible for
triggering arousal and feelings of love and intimacy which in turn triggers the function of
the genitals. Stress or depression can impede these chemicals which lead to sexual dysfunction.
Sexual problems are not always related to the genitals, but the root problem may be the mind.

The other most important sexual organ is the heart. The blood carries blood to the genitals
and all over the body. Taoist believe the root of emotions lie in the heart. Whenever someone
has stress and depression, the Taoists believe that it is caused by blockage of blood
from the heart to the brain. Taoists refer to this as phlegm misting the heart orifice.<
Herbal treatment is used to treat this problem. It is important to maintain a relaxed heart along wi
th regular
heart rhythm for proper sexual function and optimal health.

Book Review

Sexual Reflexology

By Mantak Chia and William U. Wei

In Sexual Reflexology, Mantak Chia teaches how to transform sexual intercourse
into a form of ecstatic acupressure. While the practice of reflexology is normally
associated with foot massage, the most powerful reflex points are on the sexual organs.
By combining classic Taoist sexual texts with modern reflexology theory the author provides a unique

opportunity for couples to practice sexual intimacy as an act of healing.
In addition to the specific ecstatic acupressure exercises, he provides
thoughtful commentary on ancient Taoist practices that reveal how to use our
sexual essence to create healthy, loving relationships. A student of Taoist masters
and coauthor of The Multi-Orgasmic Man and The Multi-Orgasmic Couples,&l
Mantak Chia developed the Universal Tao System in 1979 and has taught tens of
thousands of students worldwide.

Table of Contents

Sexual Reflexology
Activating the Taoist Points of L

Putting Sexual Reflexology into Practice
The Universal Tao
The Healing
Love Practice
The Importance of Meditation in Sexual Reflexology

Microcosmic Orbit
Directing Sexual Energy

Special Note for Women Readers
Chapter 1 Male
and Female Energy

Yin and Yang
apter 2 Sexual Energy: A Taoist Perspective

Sexuality, Energy, an
d Relationships
History of Sexual Reflexology

3 Reflexology

Compatibility of the Penis and Vaginal Canal
/> Ring Muscles
Exercising the Ring Muscles

pter 4 Sexual Healing Positions

Eight Sexual Healing Positions fo
r Men
Seven Sexual Healing Positions for Women
Exchange of Energy as
a Sexual Healing Prayer

Chapter 5 Sexual Energizing Postures t;
Hand Positions
Use Eye Movements in Healing Love Posture
Healing Love Couples Energize the Senses
Healing Love Postures for
Universal Tao Practices
Energizing Postures with Eight Healing Benefits
t;br />Chapter 6 Ejaculation and Menstrual
Cycle Management
/> Ejaculation Management
g Ejaculation Frequency
Mastering the Techniques of Controlled Contact
gt; Ejaculatory Control Practice
Breathing Exercise

Buttocks Exercise
Warming the Stove (for Men)
rual Cycle Management
Ovary Massage
Breast Massa
Egg Exercises and Vaginal Weight Lifting

Egg Exercise
Vaginal Weight Lifting
Physical Sexercise

Shaking the Testicles and the Breasts
g Hip and Tailbone (for Men and Women)
Secret Taoist Method of Urination (for
Men and Women)
Sun Practice (for Men and Women)
Chapter 7 S
exual Reflexology and Physical Characteristics

Taoist Sexual Term
Facial Features

Eyesr /> Eyebrows
Space between the Eyebrows


Male Facial Features Summarized
Female Facial F
eatures Summarized
Massaging the Face
Hands and Finge

Fingers of a Man
Fingers of a Woman
t; Massaging the Hands
Female Body

Chapter 8

Compatibility for Life
Lovemaking E

Chapter 9 Sexercises
g Sexercises
Deep Abdominal Breathing (for Men and Women)

Energy Breathing (for Men and Women)
Sexercises Massage
Testicle Massage
Tapping the Dragon Pearls (for Men)r /> Penis Power Stretching
Hot Hands Warm-Up

Vaginal Stretch
Use Visualization to Increase Sexual Energy

Sexual Organs and the Brain
PC Muscle and Milking Exercises
Chi Mus
PC Chi Muscle Exercises
Testicle Stretching Exercise

Power Milking
Milking and Holding

Chapter 10 Inte
rnal Organs and the Five Elements

Kidneys and the Water Element&l
Female Kidney Energy
Kidney Massage

Massage the Ears
Heart and the Fire Element

Tongue Kung Fu
Massage the Chest to Open the Heart
> Lungs and the Metal Element

Massage the Lung Points

Liver and the Wood Element
Massage the Feet

Spleen and the Earth Element
Massage the Abdomen
>Chapter 11 Secret Art of the Jade Chamber
Arcane Mai
d's Original Nine Postures
Mystical Thirty PosturesForeplay

;b>Chapter 12 Romancing the Moon Grotto

t;/i> Nine Major Love Points
Erotic Massage
ng the Moon Grotto
Caressing the Jade Stalk
Love Games

Three Fountains

About the Authors
The Universal Tao System and Training

To Purchase Sexual Reflexology and Other Books by Mantak Chia Click Here.t;

Herb Profile: Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet has been used for thousands of years in the Orient for impotence in men. It has b
een referred to as one of the top sexual performance enhancers in the world. It has been said to pro
duce strong sexual desires, increased testosterone, stamina and strength. The royal houses of the em
perors are thought to have made the finest advancements through the energy and insights of great Chi
nese herbalists. Deer Antler Velvet is believed to balance and normalize negative conditions and imb
alances. In western medicine, this is called homeostasis or health. This is defined as an optimal ba
lance of mental and physical well being. When the body loses its normal homeostasis, adverse symptom
s appear. Symptoms are not the cause of health problems, but rather an expression of the body's effo
rts to defend its weakest areas and bring the body back into balance. In the Orient, this balance of
the body energy is referred to as ying and yang. It has been said that deer antler velvet brings a
balance to the ying and yang energies.

Reports from the Orient, Russia, and New Zealand indicate that velvet deer antler has been used for
centuries to control blood pressure, increase hemoglobin levels, increase lung efficiency, improve r
ecuperation from exertion, improve muscle tone and glandular functions, sharpen mental alertness, re
lieve the inflammation of arthritis, and heal stomach ulcers.

Chinese herbal doctors use deer antler as a balancing agent for the endocrine system and in the trea
tment of penile erection dysfunction in men. Oriental physicians claim it is especially beneficial f
or men suffering from enlarged prostate glands and watery semen. Oddly enough, velvet deer antler ha
s also been used in the treatment of Menstrual disorders. It contains both male and female hormones
In addition to cartilage components, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, anti-inflammatory prostaglandins a
nd, in particular, IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor)

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Sex Tips: Sexual Pressure Points in Bed

By stimulating certain areas -- pressure points, if you will -- on a woman's body, as outlined in te
chniques such as the healing arts of Shiatsu and Reflexology, you can give any woman a sen
sual experience and help her release stress and inhibitions.

Spend about 20 minutes massaging her pressure points, or reach for them during sex, and you may end
up enhancing her overall experience. Read on to learn where each pressure point is, how to stimulate
it and what it will do for her.


Where it's located: These are the soft areas on the sides of her forehead. Anothe
r pressure point is located in the center of her forehead directly between her eyebrows and is refer
red to as the "Third Eye."

How to stimulate the area: Apply gentle pressure and lightly rotate your index an
d middle fingers on her temples for 30 seconds. You can also push lightly on the Third Eye for a few
seconds. This will relieve tension and increase sexual excitement.

When to use it: When she's on top or in the missionary position, but o
nly get near her eyes when you're going slowly, so you don't risk gauging them out.

Knee Kingdom

Where it's located: This point is found between the two ligaments behind the knee
, on the crease formed when the leg is bent.

How to stimulate the area: Use your index and middle fingers to apply gentle pre
ssure between the two tendons behind her knees, or you can even opt to kiss the area. This relieves
stress and fatigue, and promotes relaxation.

When to use it: Gently massage this spot when doing it doggy style, whe
n she's on top, or when you're on your knees with your torso upright and have her in the missionary
position with her ankles resting on your shoulders.

Heavenly Pillar

Where it's located: These two points are found on either side of the area where t
he spine meets the skull (you'll find the little hollows in the bone).

How to stimulate the area: Put your fingertips on these points and gradually inc
rease the pressure for about 30 seconds to a minute. This is an erogenous zone, so it'll likely arou
se her.

When to use it: Massage these spots with your thumbs when doing it doggy style,
or massage the area with your index and middle fingers in the missionary or her-on-top position. You
can even stimulate this spot while she's performing oral sex on you.

Rushing Door

Where it's located: This spot is found in the crease on the thick tendons where h
er legs join her abdomen near her hipbone.

How to stimulate the area: This area may be highly ticklish, so lean into these
tendons gradually with the heel of your hand and apply pressure for 30 seconds to a minute. This spo
t is believed to open sexual energy and desire.

When to use it: Use during foreplay and when you perform cunnilingus.&l
t;P />

On to the Bigger Stream, Bubbling Spring and Shoulder G-Spot...

Bigger Stream

Where it's located: This point is in the indent of her outer anklebone, between t
he ankle and the Achilles tendon.

How to stimulate the area: Place your fingers on the area rub for 30 seconds. Pr
essing it releases energy and is believed to produce powerful feelings of pleasure.

When to use it: Do this when she's in reverse girl-on-top position. Hold each po
int while she's thrusting.

Bubbling Spring

Where it's located: This erotic pressure point is located on the bottom of the fe
et, 2/3 of the distance from the heel to the ball of the foot.

How to stimulate the area: Because this point is so deep in her flesh, you need
to press it firmly with two fingers and repeat the process about 10 times. This alleviates fatigue.&
lt;P />

When to use it: Massage this spot during foreplay. It's too awkward to hit durin
g sex.

Wrist Rite

Where it's located: This point is found on the largest crease of the inner wrist,
in line with the pinky finger.

How to stimulate the area: Using one or two fingers (index and middle), press ge
ntly for 30 seconds to a minute. This is believed to alleviate fear, tension and emotional instabili

When to use it: Do it when she's on top if you want to stimulate both wrists at
once, or stimulate one wrist at a time while you're spooning.

Shoulder G-Spot

Where it's located: This pressure point, also an erogenous zone, is located in th
e middle of the tendons on either side of her neck.

How to stimulate the area: To help her release tension, knead her shoulder muscl
es slowly and deliberately.

When to use it: Do it during missionary, doggy-style or her-on-top positions. &l
t;P />

Gate Of Origin

Where it's located: To find this point, measure three to four fingers below her n
avel, right above her bladder.

How to stimulate the area: Press it very gently with two or three fingers becaus
e this spot is very sensitive. This is a major erogenous zone; it should arouse her.

When to use it: Do this while spooning, performing oral sex or in the
missionary position with her legs resting on your torso.

Sea Of Vitality

Where it's located: This point is found in the mid to lower back, at about elbow
level, approximately the width of two fingers away from of her spine on either side of it.


How to stimulate the area: Apply firm pressure for one to two minutes. Stimulatin
g this spot is said to alleviate sexual problems and fatigue.

When to use it: Use your thumbs to massage the area during slow doggy-style sex,
or use two fingers to press against this area when she's on top.

Sea Of Tranquility

Where it's located: This point is found in the center of her breastbone, between
her nipples.

How to stimulate the area: Press it gently with your thumbs, as this promotes rel
axation and eases tension in her chest.

When to use it: Apply pressure to her chest while in the missionary position. Whe
n you're sucking on her breasts, you can also gently press the are.

It never hurts to have a few extra moves in your repertoire, and knowing which pressure points to st
imulate is highly useful. Now you can make her feel relaxed... and hornier.

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